A lot of us maybe never even hear this contraption called watch winder box. For most of us, watch is only needed to tell us the time so we can go through our daily schedule smoothly without any significant delay. But for people who has fallen to the world of mechanical watch beauty, a watch winder could be one of most important invention known to them. Watch winder will be literally the beating heart of your wide collection of mechanical watch when not being used, because let’s be honest, we only have two arms yet too many greed for beautiful watches.

For those who just starting to build their mechanical collection, you probably already heard about watch winder. This device was invented not long after the invention of automatic wrist watch by Mr Hardwood himself. He made a watch winder fitting to keep 12 watches, just to show to his potential customers that his new founded mechanism could works well.

A watch winder basic purpose is to mimic the kinetic movement when a wristwatch is being worn so that the self-winding mechanism won’t stop working. These are several things you need to know about your watch winder

  1. There are several ways a watch winder can be powered, some use battery others powered by electricity
  2. It comes in different size and storage capacity. You need to make sure that you buy according to the numbers of watches you want to keep in them and more importantly the size of your watch should fit the container in the watch winder well
  3. You can program the direction of the watch winder rotation movement (right, left and alternate)
  4. You can also program the number of rotation that it will be done in certain amount of time (for example per day)
  5. Better prepare your budget well, a watch winder isn’t a cheap investment, you can always browse for the best value or even looking at the secondhand market